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You have reached King Kazma. Leave the purpose of this call and your name and I will return it soon. Goodbye.
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[There is the sound of the door opening to Watanuki and Doumeki's house when the D-Comm gets turned on. Footsteps follow until they stop. The soft clicking of a keyboard can be heard before the rabbit clears his throat. There is silence before he clears it again, louder. It still doesn't work. He then gives up and there is the sound of tapping. The sound of movement is heard followed by Kazuma's voice.]

What? [The boy does not sound happy to see the rabbit.]

For you. [The sound of paper moving is heard for a little while.]

What is this?

Open it. [Now the sound of paper ripping is heard followed by mumbling from Kazuma and a gasp.]

...What is this?

A deed to a new dojo for you and your friends. [And then more footsteps as the bunny walks away from his Player.]
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[The recording starts with the sound of a door closing. There are heavy footsteps and suddenly a loud thug. The King is down on his knees with cuts, bruises, and blood staining his white fur.]

King...come on. We need to get you to your room...

[The whisper is barely picked up by the D-Comm. There is the sound of shuffling followed by another thud and hoarse coughing.]

King...come on! You need to get-

[The sound is cut off by more coughing and the sound of something wet hitting the floor followed by one last thud before the audio cuts off. Inside Watanuki and Doumeki's house the rabbit now lays in a small pool of his own blood, coughed up by him, barely conscious and his Lopmon frantically looking around, unsure what to do.]

((ooc: The purple is Lopmon. Action open to the Wata/Dou house and any Jinnouchi rushing over after Kazuma finds him.))
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-on King! You did it!

[In the background there is a lot noise. Voices cheering, people swearing, and a lot of movement. But soon enough the noises fade as the D-Comm seems to be moving away from the noise. But then a new voice can be heard.]

Oh King~ You were so great out there.

[There is an audible groan from Lopmon but Kazma says nothing.

Tee hee~ I was wondering if I could take you home with me. I could give you a nice prize for your performance. What do you say?

[There is no response from Kazma.]

The strong and silent type huh? Oh I love that. Come on, King. I'll show you a good time and maybe we can get some noises out of you~

Alright! I've heard enough. The King does not want to have sex with you, you bimbo! Buzz off!

And just who the hell are you?

I'm his partner, ho. Now back off and go home. He doesn't need some trash hanging off his arm. Beat it!

I never! Fine! Call me King when you lose this little bunny bitch.

[The sound of footsteps storming off can be heard and silence stretched out for a moment before Kazma finally speaks.]

Lopmon? Is my D-Comm on?

Oh crap!

[Audio ends.]
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[The camera comes on and there is a clear view of Watanuki and Doumeki's living-room. It looks peaceful and lovely at the moment. Although, for those who live there, they can tell some of the furniture has been rearranged. And then come the voices off-screen.]

King? I don't think this is going to work. Watanuki is going to be pissed.

I care not. I am king.

[There is an audable sigh and then there it is. King Kazma walks on-screen, his arms blazing with Digisoul, carrying his new throne. He sets it down and sits himself down on it, a wicked grin on his face. He looks over at his D-Comm and notices it is recording. This only makes him smile more.]

All Hail King Kazma.

[He reaches over and picks up the device, smiling more into it and turns off the video.]
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I am searching for a fighting circuit. I don't care if it is legal or not. I wish to enter it. Tell me where and the means in which to enter. Thank you.
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[The camera flicks on to show a black colored Lopmon. She smiles at the camera before speaking.]

Hello. I'm Lopmon. I'm looking for a Ikezawa Kazuma. If anyone knows of a person by this name or if Ikezama Kazuma sees this, can you please contact me? I have a friend of yours here, looking for you.
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